• Fully horn loaded design

• Very high efficiency with high power output

• Optimized frequency ranges

• Trapezoidal Mid-High enclosures form arraying

• Precise and powerful sound reproduction

• World class Eighteen Sound (Italian) woofers and

compression drivers for superior performance and


• Rugged tour grade enclosures, combination of

functional good looks and compact design

• Company presets for a wide variety of applications


   Live Sound (Medium to Large scale sound reinforcement)



   Club sound


   Concert Halls




Elan represents the birth of high-end horn loaded speaker systems from Lloyd Lee Company. Designed for tremendous SPL and superior sound quality, ELAN systems will astound

you with performance and power thats leagues ahead of ordinary speakers systems.


Employing the best in Eighteen Sound (Italy) compression drivers and woofers, Elan loudspeakers can perform louder and longer with less stress on system components.


Designed for tremendous SPL, portability and versatility, the ELAN series from Lloyd Lee Co. is the ideal solution for today's medium and large venues, including clubs, theatres and live sound applications that are on the move. With the flexibility to be ground-stacked in multiple configurations

ELAN high power horn loaded speaker systems deliver the desired performance and clarity in a compact and versatile solution.