Very High Output 12 inch horn loaded mid high speaker system


• Very long throw and high power capability

• 16 ohms mid and high frequency transducers

• 1 x 12 inch high performance mid-section

• 1 x 1.4 inch exit high efficiency compression

driver selected for extended and precise high frequency


• Long throw capability

• 60°H x 30°V coverage pattern.


• Live Sound (Small to Large scale sound reinforcement)

• Auditorium

• Houses of Worship

• Club sound

• Concert Halls

• Stadiums

Technical Specifications


The MH5 is a horn loaded bi-amplified mid-high loudspeaker system like the successful MH1 speaker. The MH5 has an extended frequency response (down to 100Hz) unlike other standard 250Hz response of commonly used mid speakers.


The MH5 possesses the similar throw and coverage like the MH3, along with further improvement in the mid-high frequencies for better vocal reproduction and extended frequency range. It can be used directly with a sub-woofer, without the need for an additional low-mid speaker.


Driver technology has been optimized for lighter weight and maximum acoustic output in a compact enclosure. An Eighteen Sound high efficiency custom built 16 ohms 12 inch mid-bass transducer is used, for a 2dB average increase in output as compared to the MH1. The 12 inch mid-bass transducer is coupled to a high performance reflex mid-bass horn which extends the usable frequency

down to 100 Hz. The High frequency section employs a high efficiency 16 ohms 1.4 inch exit large format compression driver using a 3 inch pen aluminum diaphragm, for excellent frequency response and power handling. The 1.4 inch exit high efficiency compression driver is coupled to a horn with a constant coverage pattern to ensure smooth and even arraying in all situations.


The all-new 16 ohm design makes the system very easy to wire and use. (For e.g. 4 MH5’s can be driven on just 1KRM 8002 amplifier or equivalent amplifier with minimum impedance on each channel safely down to just 4 ohms, hence the user saves on amplifier inventory and additional amplifier cost.) The MH5 can be used with various subwoofer combinations (LF1+, E218 and LF7 subwoofers) due to its extended low frequency response.